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A Portfolio Review Isn’t An Investment Plan

Jim Lorenzen, CFP®

Jim Lorenzen, CFP®

You’ve seen it a thousand times:  Financial advisors use `free’ portfolio reviews as a way of introducing themselves and their services, as well as to demonstrate their competence and capabilities.   Nothing wrong with that; I’ve done it myself! 

The usual process is that the client furnishes his or her most recent tax return and a copy of all their investment statements.  This gives the financial advisor a clear picture of the client’s current financial situation.  The advisor is then able to run a sophisticated analysis revealing individual, as well as total portfolio, annualized raw and risk-adjusted return figures, tax efficiency, and expenses, as well as visually depict how ‘optimized’ the asset allocation is against an ‘efficient frontier’ – which is financial `geek-speak’ for seeing if you’re taking too much risk for the return you’re achieving.

All of this will give you some indication regarding the characteristics of your portfolio; but it won’t tell you if you have the right portfolio for YOU! 

Example:  There was a time when a basket full of high-tech stocks were outperforming all other investments.  One might think that’s a good portfolio; but, would it be appropriate for someone with a family, a mortgage, trying to fund college educations, and supporting an elderly parent who needs constant care?   All of a sudden, that basket looks more like a gamble than a good investment strategy. 

Ya’ think?

It would be easy to construct three different portfolios, all of which would look good; but, would they be appropriate for you?   It could be that only one is truly in your best interest.

Like most things in life, it all starts with a plan.

Try to imagine someone deciding to build a house without a blueprint.    What would the house look like if they ordered materials and tools and began construction?  — all without any plans on paper.

That’s exactly how millions of American’s approach their financial futures today – any also why so few are adequately prepared.   Even if their portfolio review looked good, which it rarely does since everything was usually selected in an ad-hoc fashion, they’re still in virtually all cases not meeting their goals.

Food for thought.


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