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Boomers On The Bench

Jim Lorenzen, CFP®

Jim Lorenzen, CFP®

A recent poll conducted by MetLife included 500 Baby Boomers with $200,000 or more in investable assets.  What’s interesting is that they know why they’re paying a high price for keeping money in liquid investments because they see themselves in a vulnerable position – unable to maintain their lifestyle should unexpected expenses arise.

49% say they couldn’t cut spending by more than 10% without a dramatic change in lifestyle.  52% have had at least one unexpected expense in the past year that cost them $2,000 or more.  26% need money to help a friend or family member.  45% are using money from emergency savings to pay expenses.  22% used a credit card or other revolving debt; 9% took out a home equity loan and 4% borrowed from a retirement plan to pay bills.

Some simply become too conservative too quickly, often without understanding their true situation.  I recently had a client contact me saying his company may be relocating outside California – there’s a surprise – and, even though he’s a senior executive with a strong track-record, he wasn’t totally sure his position would be safe and wondered if he should reallocate about $100,000 of his equity holdings into short-term fixed income.   I must admit, my `gut’ reactions was the same as his.  I told him, “That sounds like a good idea, but let’s update your plan just to be sure.”

After going through the entire planning process using a `worst-case scenario’, the analysis of his current holdings revealed he had a much more secure position in place than he’d realized and that no changes were required at all!   This kept him from making what may have been a huge mistake – the kind that comes back to haunt you ten or fifteen years later, not to mention the current tax ramifications.

It pays to have a plan.


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