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Have You Had Your ‘Stress Test’ Done?

Jim Lorenzen, CFP®, AIF®

Jim Lorenzen, CFP®, AIF®

No, I’m not talking about getting on the treadmill; I’m talking about a financial stress-test!

Most people – okay, just the smart ones – get a routine annual physical every year simply to make sure if anything is wrong, they can catch it in time!  But, if you’re like most people, you haven’t taken a financial stress-test in years… even though many suffered the consequences of this neglect back in 2008.

During the Great Depression, market investors saw a 23% hit in one year followed by a 21% slide the year after!  While everyone would like to have a “bullet-proof” retirement strategy, the one most likely to help people realize their life goals during uncertain times – when have the times ever been certain? – may simply be the common sense approach most of us can easily accept as an intuitive truth:

It begins with this basic 4-prong philosophy:

  1. It’s not about managing investments; it’s about achieving goals.
  2. Managing risk is more important than reaching for higher returns
  3. You can’t control markets or interest rates; but you can control tax exposure and investment costs
  4. Monitor everything, revise as needed, and keep your plan current.

Did you notice #4?  It begins with a plan.  Your plan for financial health begins just like a plan for physical health:  It begins with a ‘physical’ – an assessment of your current situation and an understanding of the lifestyle you envision in the future.  You also have to take into consideration your limitations, whether physical, financial, and/or emotional.

But, don’t be like the person who buys the gym membership and never uses the facilities.  A financial physical, whether annual or semi-annual, can keep your plan ‘on track’ and, even better, prepare you for those not unexpected detours you’ll surely find along the way.



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